In love with the nature and especially with the sea, we had a real crush on the wild Santo Antão landscapes… This “coup de foudre” (love at first sight) made us decide to bring our diving tanks (together with our young children!) to Tarrafal de Monte Trigo, in 2012. It was quite a daring challenge: the access to the village was more difficult back then – a four hour-drive on a rough path, which made getting all the diving equipment here complicated … Last but not least, the underwater world never was explored before (not talking about cartography !), except by some brave local free divers looking for lobsters… Our first dive here was epic in many ways:  first, the abundance and variety of the aquatic fauna were amazing; then, the colourful contrasts between the dark underwater lava, and the deep ocean blue blew our minds. And there was the friendly curiosity of the village people, all gathered on the beach waiting for us to come out of the sea, their eyes as big as flying saucers. All this convinced us we had made the right choice. After several weeks of scouting, we selected our first diving spots; in October 2012, we greeted our first clients, most of them hikers, more used to the land than to the sea! The smiles of those first « baptised » were (and still are) our greatest reward and encouragement…


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As there is no decompression chamber in Cape-Verde, our first concern will always be the divers’ safety. The teacher, David Mückli, professional diver for more than 10 years, instructed by the French Navy, has been a deep-sea diver for a long time, on the oil rigs offshore in West Africa and on the French hydroelectric dams. As a diver-medic, he developped solid competences in first-aid. He is now qualified as a PADI Dive Master and DSD Leader, which allows him to supervise first dives as well as guided explorations with confirmed divers.

Enjoying more and more, every day, the feeling of breathing underwater; sensing the pleasure and happiness of teaching and transmitting our 10-year experience in professional diving: here are the keys to the success of our conversion and of our life here in Tarrafal.  Santo Antão Scuba Diving is a human-sized structure, strongly rooted in the social and cultural life of the village. Exchange – of knowledge, of abilities, of mutual help – and solidarity are two notions which guide us daily, and without which nothing, here, would have been possible.