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We have very comfortable rooms and studios feet in the sand facing the ocean:                                                                                                                                                                                       

Others lodges are also available, including local peoples's places

More info below :








Possibility of connecting on internet (only when energy is on!); mobile phone network operating since end of 2013.

Other activities: hiking, traditional chinese medicine (, fishing, endless black-sanded beach…

Several « mercearias » (grocery shops), small restaurants and bars.

WARNING ! no ATM, no bank in Tarrafal ! No payment by credit cards in the village.




Nestled between the ocean and the mountains, on the most western island of the African continent, Tarrafal de Monte Trigo is an evergreen oasis, directly dipped into the deep Atlantic blue. Still apart from the mass tourism, this small fishing village is a journey in itself, an invitation to relaxing and letting go.

Famous for its great quality rum as well as for its fish-crowded waters, the bay of Tarrafal enjoys a unique microclimate which makes the place very suitable for all aquatic activities. The outside temperature is about 25° all year round, and generally rises up a bit before the rainy season (around September) which is brief and intense. The sea temperature can vary from 25° to 29°c.

A few steps from the village, at the foot of a small volcano, lies a long desert beach, often visited by sea turtles, that are accustomed to laying their eggs there, in August and September.


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