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Diving may be a sport, but before all it means to us an act of commitment. We perform ethical diving, respectful of the nature, governed by a few simple rules that we enjoy passing on: underwater, discretion is the key word, because only it allows getting close to species still not familiarized to men. We are away from the big diving “streams”, so most of the animals we meet have never been in touch with any human being. This state of nature leads some fish to keep their distance and stay very shy, while others, on the contrary, are getting more and more curious. In order not to lose this balance, and for obvious safety reasons, the most important rule is : underwater, keep your hands off !

More and more often we can see, offshore the Capverdian coasts, big trawlers from various countries which properly rake up the bottom of the sea, picking up several hundred kilos of lobsters in only a few hours. In addition to being unequal and harmful to local fishermen, this intensive fishing is dangerously damaging the submarine wild life and flora. We are determined to fight those behaviors.

We do not perform, at any rate, underwater shooting. 

club plongee cap vert santa antao scuba diving
club plongee cap vert santa antao scuba diving
The project AWARE


club plongee cap vert santa antao scuba diving


We are active members of the project AWARE, an international foundation gathering an increasing number of divers around the same cause : the protection of the oceans, more precisely of menaced species, and the struggle against pollution.

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The treatment of garbage in Tarrafal is a recent issue which has not yet found a solution, but which concerns us all – tourists as well as inhabitants. A discussion has begun with the « Delegation Municipal », but things go on very slowly…

To be continued !


Tourism - A responsible behavior


    A fascinationg but fragile ecosystem



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